Who is eligible to use the site?

OSET Encore is a free service available to the previous year’s Orthopaedic Summit paid registrants as well as those with a paid subscription.

What type of technology protects the site and my posted content?

We use industry-leading SSL encryption to keep all data secure as it travels from our secured hosting facility to your PC. Your content is protected from use outside of our site as it is not downloadable. All content is viewed using a secure Flash-based player that prevents saving content outside of our website.

Is the Service/Site a business associate or covered entity under HIPPA?

No, because the Service/Site is neither a business associate nor a covered entity it is not subject to the HIPPA regulations. Even though the Service/Site is not subject to HIPPA, OSET takes privacy and confidentiality seriously, and it will investigate any protected health information it learns has nonetheless been posted on the Service/Site.

How should a User treat protected health information?

The Service/Site’s terms of use explicitly prohibit the posting of any protected health information on the Service/Site. Each User of the Service/Site is responsible for ensuring they do not disclose any protected health information on the Service/Site. The Service/Sites’ terms of use state explicitly the Service/Site is for education and general discussion purposes only. Accordingly, all postings to the Service/Site should be treated in the same manner by a User as a presentation at a medical conference or a submission to a medical journal and all protected health information should be removed from any postings to the Service/Site.

How does OSET address “off label” marketing?

Posting any educational material detailing or describing an off-label use does not necessarily expose a posting physician to liability. The site is designed to provide educational material and a forum for exchange of medical surgical techniques and related matters. Each surgeon is encouraged to disclose any noted off-label uses, as well as relationships to provide full disclosures on all material matters. Including any financial conflicts of interest to allow physicians utilizing the information to be allowed to make fully informed medical decisions as to any proposed “off-label” uses. The full disclosure of relationships will assure that doctors describing “off-label” techniques are exercising their independent informed medical judgment.

Surgeon relationships

Each surgeon is encouraged to disclose all relationships when the upload proposed content (i.e. educational material). We believe this level of transparency is the best approach for the remaining membership when viewing peer educational material and is the optimal manner to provide full disclosures on all material matters.

How will corporate sponsors use my content, communications, and participation?

Unless you opt out pursuant to our privacy policy we may provide your expressed interests onto those corporate sponsors that have an ability to fulfill those requests or interests. We may also provide personally identifiable as part of our visitor and member lists to Sponsors. On a collective basis, we will provide our corporate sponsors aggregated, non-identifiable levels of interests in any product or related matters (e.g. training items, etc.).

Will this site work on an iPad, iPhone, Android phone / tablet or Windows Phone / tablet

Yes, OSET is compatible with the vast majority of smartphones and tablets.

Privacy policy highlights (see full policy on site)

Collection: OSET, LLC collect personally identifying information (name, email address, mailing address, industry, occupation) which you provide. Further we collect traffic metrics such as which Sponsor information you view on the Site, what parts of our Site you have visited, and what features you use most.

Opt-out: Unless you provide an “opt-out” notice in accordance with the instructions on the Site and in our communications, we may provide your personally identifiable information to our Sponsors, and may provide it to relevant third parties if we believe our Members might be interested in receiving an e-mail or other written correspondence from any such third party.

If you do not wish for your personally identifying information to be used by Sponsors or other third parties, you may opt out of this service by mailing us a letter or sending us an e-mail at the address below, specifying that you have elected to opt out of any third party mailings. Include your full name, address, and e-mail address to: OSET, LLC, Privacy Manager,

Other privacy matters: OSET LLC reserves the right to access and disclose personally identifiable information to comply with applicable laws, lawful government requests and court orders.

• If you have questions regarding our privacy policy or your personally identifiable information, you may contact Company at the address below.