We accept corporate sponsorships. This allows us to help support the Web site and to continue to develop new content and resources. The presence of ads does not imply endorsement of the advertised company or product. We will refuse an advertisement if we believe that it is not suitable.

The site maintains a distinct separation between advertising content and editorial content. We do not allow outside advertisers to affect the quality or accuracy of information, and we maintain a stringent policy of editorial independence. Our editorial decisions are independent and are maintained by Surgeons-for-Surgeons.

All advertising is clearly labeled as an advertisement. Sponsored areas of the site are labeled as such, and the sponsoring organizations are identified. Examples might include an area where a partner offers products or services in a co-branded area of our Web site.

Further, we believe this allows us to facilitate education on a number of fronts.

For the surgeons: 

  • Enhance your ability to investigate new products, techniques, and technologies introduced by the corporate sponsor.
  • Provide knowledge transfer to your staff by virtue of accessing the same information via the same medium.

For the Corporate Sponsors:

  • Provide a forum for product introductions and more importantly for training on these products.
  • Allow corporate sponsors to demonstrate their commitment to the highest quality.
  • Provide a means to market their products in a cost effective manner.